About Us

High performance activewear for a high performance life.
Being women we work hard so that we can have it all… and now you really can!
You can look good, feel great and always be fully supported no matter where life takes you.

Welcome to Deezi active.
We are a collective of fierce minded, independent women who chase after life in order to get the best out of it!
We are mums, we are corporate career girls, we are sisters, best friends, wives and most of all we are just as supportive of each other as our Deezi active wear.

Deezi Active is the activewear brand that supports you through life, we support you through your spin class, through lunch with the girls and whatever else life throws at you, and we make sure you look great and feel even better whilst doing it!

We want to support all women of all shapes and sizes, therefore we have made it our mission to design a range that fits, smooth’s, lifts and contours all unique body shapes and our innovative prints add a punch to every outfit.

At Deezi Active we believe living an active lifestyle is just the beginning.

Living this lifestyle gives us a powerful feeling inside. It’s the feeling you get after a killer gym session, after hitting a personal best, achieving your zen in a yoga class and chasing your kids around the park.
That feeling is what makes us strong kick ass women and keeps us coming back for more.

Deezi woman are fab, fit, fun, full of life and always fully supported!