Deezi’s Tips and Tricks on Workplace Wellbeing

There is no denying that today’s workplaces are insanely fast-paced and involve more demand and pressure than ever. For that very reason it is important that you are well supported at all times, and that you proactively take steps to keep a healthy balance of emotional, mental and physical wellbeing at all times, particularly in the workplace.

As a brand, Deezi Active, encourages fierce minded, independent women to live life to the fullest, but the reality is, as mothers, corporate career women and women on the go, sometimes we need that extra little bit of support.

Here are our top 5 tips to enhancing your workplace wellbeing;

– Pack your Deezi’s! Seriously, a quick walk, run or exercise class during your lunch break can do wonderful for the heart and soul.

– Recognise signs of stress and talk to a trusted co-worker about the source. Some signs of stress include muscular tension, fatigue, stomach upsets, headaches, aggression and mood swings.

– Get your diet on track – as tempting as those lunch time hot foods or 2pm treats can be, opt for something healthier like a wrap or salad and a handful of nuts to keep you going.

– Speak to your wellbeing officer, HR department or a free counselling service

– Take a moment of mindfulness – in addition to lunchtime walk, take time throughout the day to practice mindfulness. This doesn’t have to be a full-blown meditation session but take a 5 minutes to close your eyes and focus on nothing but your body and your breathing. A great way to reset!


Do you have your own little routine to help you get through the day and the week? Comment below and share with our community.

Words from the heart..

Over the Christmas period I realised something… big businesses have a handy knack of hiding behind their big marketing budgets and corporate speak. This epiphany came after spending large amounts of money on Christmas presents for the fam yet never really connecting with the brand I was handing my hard earned money over to. They can, at times, distance themselves from the people that are most loyal to them – their customers. It made me realise it is exactly what makes us different to the big brands – we care about you. We care about our customers. We ride the highs and lows with you, share your stories and support you on your journey. And because we do that, I thought it was time you heard from me. Dani – owner and founder of Deezi Active.
This is the first time I have written a blog, so I will start by wishing you all a Happy New Year.
Looking back at 2018, it was a very busy year. We launched Deezi Active, moved into our new family home and welcomed our second daughter Madison in November.
So, it is 2019 and I now have 2 beautiful girls and a very active business to run. Charlie is 21 months and Madison is now nearly 8 weeks old. They are my entire world and I absolutely adore them and feel so lucky to be their mum.
My days are very busy and full on so managing my time is critical to ensure a smooth work / life / mummy balance. Of course, not everything goes to plan. Managing conference calls alongside a toddler who wants to be fed can be a challenge. Or a baby who just wants mum whilst I am in the middle of a brain storming session on my autumn / winter collection. Argh, the joys. I wouldn’t have it any other way. To be honest, I am very lucky to have my husband, my mum and her husband and great friends and a fantastic Deezi Active Team who have all been so supportive in allowing me to focus on Deezi when I need to.
I cannot wait to get back to my routine of weekly Zumba, boxfit and my gym sessions but for now, I am improvising and focusing on getting active with a pram. Let me just say, when I see an escalator at the shopping centre not working, I head straight too it. Up I go pushing a pram…Goals!!
We have very big plans for Deezi Active this year with some gorgeous new designs, colours and fabrics, private label ventures, exciting new ambassadors and sponsorships which we cannot wait to share with you.
One thing you can be sure of is, I am a woman designing activewear for women. I design them with body diversity in mind because beautiful bodies aren’t all the same shape or size. That part of the process is what really takes up my time but for good reason. Deezi Active will continue to deliver activewear that serves a purpose of being comfortable, flattering and superior athletic quality that you feel good in.
Keep a look out for some new styles being added to the collection and some classy patterns and colours coming your way. You can thank my little girl Charlie who has been sitting with me when I have been designing patterns and choosing colours and she’s definitely got it going on.
Stay Active and be Gorgeous doing it!
Until next time
Dani xox

#DEEZISQUAD – Grace Gill – Top Three Nutrition Tips


Everyone is different when it comes to nutritional requirements, and your intake will depend a lot on what you’re trying to achieve. I’m not a nutritionist by any means, so what I do won’t necessarily suit the person next to me. I don’t count calories, macros or track my intake but I recognise the value to those who do. Here’s a few tips that have helped me, and might help you.
  • Preparation is key.

This sounds cliche but it’s absolutely true. As someone who has a sweet tooth and eats regularly, if I haven’t prepared, I’ll reach for the nearest thing in whatever size it comes. If I have prepared, it means the food I reach for is something that keeps me satisfied and on track. Preparation also helps you manage portion size. For example, a serve of almonds in a small container for each day at work is better then taking the whole bag of almonds to work with you. It’s about making it easy as possible for yourself.

  • Think of your favourite vegetable (mine is broccoli, I’m obsessed!)

Next time you think ‘I’m hungry’ ask yourself ‘Would I want a bowl of broccoli?/*insert fave vegetable here*’ If the answer is yes, you probably are genuinely hungry and you should have something to eat. If the answer is no, it’s likely you’re not actually hungry. When you answer no, try having a sip of water or a cup of tea instead.

  • Enjoy the times you do eat food that is considered ‘bad for you’.

The guilt associated with eating makes the experience unenjoyable, so if you do decide to have some chocolate, have it, and enjoy it!


Well happy Saturday lovely people. The sun is shining, summer is on its way and we are proud to introduce to you another Deezi Active Ambassador for some #fitspo! In part I of our interview with Maris we discuss the simple facts, routines and achievements.


NAME: Maria Bond
AGE: 34 y/o – happily married mum of 2, my son is 4.5 & daughter is 3
HEIGHT: 160cm
OCCUPATION: Sales/ Business Analyst
CITY: Melbourne
WEIGHT: On-season: 59kg Off season: 65kg
CALORIES: 1800-2000
ATHLETIC HISTORY: Endurance Runner turned Fitness Competitor


4.30am -wake up

5am – 6am: have breakfast, pack my gym bag, pack the kids school bags, tidy up around the house or do laundry

6am – 7am: battle with my kids to wake up and get ready for daycare (my son is 4.5 yrs old & daughter is 3, those with young children know that leaving the house is no easy feat)

7am – 8.20am:  hit the gym before work

8.30 – 4.30 – work, work, work… I’m a sales analyst in the wine industry for anyone who wants to know, and yes, I get tons of free wine that I can’t drink

4.30 – 6pm: pick up kiddies from daycare, get them home & entertained while I prepare their dinner (hubby & I meal prep on the weekends so I only have to cook for them each night – massive time saver!!)

6pm – 7.30pm: family time/ housework/ kiddies bath time

7.30pm – 8.30pm: bed time for the kids, this is when they generally realise they’re hungry, thirsty, can’t find a specific teddy that they MUST sleep with etc

8.30pm – sauna or cardio, shower & in bed asleep by 9.30-10pm ready for a new day



– Competed in 2 WBFF show in 2018

Sydney, July ‘18 – I placed 6th & the World Titles – Las Vegas, August ‘18 – I placed 11th
– 1st place/ National Champion Fitness Momma – ICN Nationals 2017
– 1st place Angel – ICN All Female Classic 2017

– 1st place Swimsuit Model – ICN All Female Classic 2017
– 1st place Swimsuit Model – ICN Mornngton Peninsula Titles 2017
– 1st place/ overall sports model champion – ICN Mornington Peninsula Titles 2017
– Multiple other top 5 placings across the six ICN competitions I’ve done thus far

– Run Melbourne Half-Marathon 2015


Stay tuned as we bring you part II of this interview with wonder woman, fitness legend and Deezi Active Ambassador

Introducing Grace Gill – Deezi Active Ambassador

At Deezi Active we pride ourselves on our business mission to support women of all shapes and sizes through life, encouraging them to shape their fit. This month we are proud to introduce our latest Brand Ambassador – Grace Gill. An energetic, bubbly personality with an infectious smile and outlook on life, Grace has extensive experience in the professional sporting arena, is an amateur CrossFit athlete and model and continues to better her knowledge in the industry. Let’s dig a little deeper to find out more about this amazing athlete and exceptional Deezi Squad member.

NAME: Grace Gill
AGE: 29 years old
HEIGHT: 180cm (5’11”)

– Canberra United foundation player from 2008 – 2016 (2 x Premiership wins)
– Young Matildas team member – attended Youth World Cup in Russia 2006.
– Continue to play locally in the Canberra Premier League competition for
Canberra FC, competition winners in 2017

– Training CrossFit or a variation of functional training on and off for approx. 5 years, which Grace professes to be benefit overall health, performance and strength, improving physicality when playing soccer
– Competed locally in various CrossFit competitions
– Currently studying Cert 3 and 4 in Fitness

– Was strictly vegetarian for approx.7 years
– More recently have re-introduced fish into the diet
– Grace doesn’t follow a strict diet, count calories or macros, instead fuelling the body with what it needs when it needs it
– Favourite food…Grace is a self confessed sweet tooth! So chocolate is right
up there but in terms of the right fuel, then there isn’t really a vegetable she doesn’t like. Grace is also a self confessed coffee and broccoli addict.

– “It doesn’t take talent to hustle and work hard”
– “In time this too shall pass”

Everyday Deezi inspiration

Just like you we basically live and breath Instagram and are always
looking for our next #girlcrush.
These are the women we take everyday inspiration from, the ones
we turn too in times of need….. when we say need we mean we
don’t know what to wear or what to cook for dinner.
So if you’re in need of a little social media pick me then look no
further, here are our Deezi active favourite Instagrammers!

Jessica Smith @Jessicasmith27

Wardrobe feeling a bit blah? Trying to plan your next getaway?
Lisa Hamilton of Seewantshop is our go to for a fashion fix, not only is she
super stylish and always loves a bargain but she down to earth as well. See
want love!

Lisa Hamilton @seewantshop

Wardrobe feeling a bit blah? Trying to plan your next getaway?
Lisa Hamilton of Seewantshop is our go to for a fashion fix, not only is she
super stylish and always loves a bargain but she down to earth as well. See
want love!

Jessamyn Stanley @mynameisjessamyn

Yoga for EVERY-BODY, we just love Jessamyn Stanley.
She truly is the definition of loving your body and looking kick ass while you
do it.
If you are after some insta-worthy yoga poses then this is the girl for you, her
product reviews don’t beat around the bush and she can show you how to
rock a bikini pose.

Jessica Speal @jshealth

Not sure what to cook for dinner? This is where we go for all things foodspiration!
Jessica is a qualified nutritionist, fad dieter turned balanced eater and killer
cook. Her meals are balanced, super healthy and look delicious! These are
recipes even my husband will eat.

Sophie Cachia @sophiecachia_

Self proclaimed legend, mum and businesswomen Sophie Cachia doesn’t
hold back and that’s why we love her.
From documenting her birth, vlogging a bra fitting to showing you how hot
her husband looks, nothing is off limits.
If you want a dose of reality to show you that you don’t need to have it all
together then Sophie is your girl.

We hope you have loved taking a peak into our daily inspiration, it is women
like this that make us love designing Deezi Active, women who are
unashamedly themselves and damn proud of it.
Until next time, go get ‘em.

How Deezi helped me return to a healthy lifestyle post baby

As any mum would know after having a baby integrating back into the ‘real world’ can be a tough task. Besides your first language is baby talk or midnight gibberish, you function on minimal sleep all be it not very well, your idea of being polite is not vomiting on a clean white tee and just the thought of only doing one thing at a time is near impossible, let alone trying to find clothes you actually feel good in!

This is exactly how I felt after having my daughter, I went from busy go-getter career girl to love sick mummy who was obsessed with her child but couldn’t for the life of me find anything that fit me, supported me and was comfortable across my C section.

Why? Because I had changed forms, morphed into a beautiful womanly figure that was a little cuddlier, a little soft around the edges and a lot swollen. Don’t get me wrong I loved my body that my daughter gave me but it had very different requirements to the wardrobe I had spent the last decade perfecting. My new wardrobe requirements were comfortable, supportive, soft around my mid-section but still held me in, fashionable and just down right fabulous. My first thought was active wear; it can’t be that hard right? I own huge amounts of active wear, I’ll just slip on some leggings a cute tee and be out the door in 5 minutes……not quite.

After being pregnant and giving birth my active wardrobe, or any part of my wardrobe didn’t fit me like it used to. That’s when I had my light bulb moment and turned my sales skills, mummy skills and entrepreneurial skills into Deezi active. What started out as a purely organic idea of designing a pair of leggings to get me through ended up changing the way I viewed motherhood, my wardrobe and my active life. I never felt as if I couldn’t leave the house but I did feel challenged to find something I felt good in but the contouring, smoothing and
comfort plus fabric of my new leggings took that pain away….literally!

I finally felt like me again, I felt empowered, supported and unstoppable and to a new mum that’s a really great feeling.
All of a sudden I was motivated to go walking, attend Pilates and get back into my beloved Zumba. There was no jiggle, no muffin
top and definitely no camel toe!

After hearing the remarks from friends and passersby I realised that my ass really did look great in these tights. I had girl friends
begging me to make more for them and then one night I did and Deezi Active was born.

In that short amount of time Deezi was born, my confidence was regained and my active lifestyle was in full flight again. There was
no more excuses, no more second thoughts and definitely no more camel toes!

Until next time, Go get ‘em