Who is Deezi Active

Career girl turned mum Dani is the mastermind behind Deezi Active wear.

Born out of necessity Dani found a gap in the market after the birth of her daughter for an active wear range that would support her and her new body whilst making her feel great and look even better.

She had exhausted all options to find an active wear range that was both fashionable and fun but also smoothed, contoured and lifted her in all the right areas.

“I loved my daughter and my new body but I needed a range that gave me the confidence to show it off as I wanted to embrace my new curves in a fun and positive way”

Coming from a busy corporate background Dani knew that their had to be something out their and she asked her girl friends, family and female clients and realised that she wasn’t alone. They were all looking for that perfect piece of active wear that fits like a glove and makes them proud of their amazing bodies.

And so Deezi Active was born, Dani’s passion project designed to benefit women all over the world. A rage that offers support to everyday women of all shapes and sizes, that covers all the basis of being fun, fashionable, comfortable, supportive and most of all squat proof and camel toe free!

Hallelujah said the active wear gods!

Deezi was designed as a reflection of what Dani needed in her active wear life but also who she is and what she stands for.

“I am a lover and a super supportive friend and wife, I am a time poor mum who is forever trying to get more hours in a day, I am a daily exerciser and a Zumba fanatic, I am brutally honest and don’t hold back, I love to push the boundaries and I love celebrating everything that in unique and individual about myself and other women. I believe Deezi does all of that and more.”

Dani is on a mission to celebrate all women and is proud that she has a range that can do that too!

To be apart of the journey please use the hashtag #Deeziactive on your social pages.

Go get ‘em